Architect Software SOA, application and network

Schneider Electric GRENOBLE, GREN

About the Job

The digitization trend of the company is leading to new needs in term of state of the art SW technologies.
The architecture and infrastructure team of Digital Customer Experience Software is today requiring sharp competencies in distributed/SOA architecture, platforming, cloud computing and mobility, network architecture in order to drive efficiently innovative projects for Schneider-electric.
It is also key for Schneider Electric to have the mastership of the SWs architecture in order to ensure efficiency, sustainability, and capitalization as well as make/buy decisions.

Position scope :

You will have the responsibility to define, monitor, approve and communicate the architectures of our applications and services.
This key contribution is required all along the project life with different levels of involvements for each project phase :
- Pre-project phase will require a global vision/strategy and high-level technical proposals leading to fast quotations.
- Project start phases will require the definition of the architecture that will be the pillar of the project. The efficient communication of this architecture will be a critical point and will contribute to success.

Frequent monitoring of the architecture understanding, implementation and evolutions will be necessary during the whole project. Defining the deployment and network architecture given the deployment models is part of your responsibility.
For some projects, this architect role will also involve project technical leadership responsibilities.

Software Engineer, you have gained significant and versatile experience in software design and projects architecture. A proven experience on distributed architectures and strong mastership on cloud computing technologies is also required, as well as significant experience in Mobility domain, within Agile projects.
You show very good skills in communication and pedagogy, to interact effectively and proactively with the project teams, with a strong team spirit. Curious and eager to develop a global vision on all the topics in charge, you are also proficient in multitasking.
English fluent mandatory, French as a plus.