Senior Manager

Schneider Electric Bangalore, Karnataka

About the Job

ERP Expert is trained in ORACLE / SAP to provide support related to various functions related to business process management, pain points, system issues. Its primary goal is to ensure that the ERP runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and develop and oversee solutions for any shortcomings. It helps assess business requirements, including user training, business processes, change communication, and aids to ensure that any new solutions devised are time-and-cost-effective. It is also responsible for ensuring that all levels of the company are informed and collaborating effectively on the implementation of the process.

The ERP Expert is primarily responsible for implementing and providing support for a specific or various business processes . It analyzes the systems and work directly with the Users, IPO and management to define system requirements, design and propose solutions, documents the changes and train employees. It also develops Level 1 support to Level 2.

System Analysis
Examines or map the current system or business process to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses to develop ways it can be optimized.

User Training & Support
Optimizes the system for easy use, and training Users in its functions. Organize a training plan or schedule to educate Users.

Project Dev't & Presentation
Meets directly with Users to find out their ERP-related needs and translate this to business requirement for IPO to develop, creates and presents project plan to IPO and business process counterparts, works with the project team to bringing the project to completion.

Patch &Upgrade Support
Executes testing for business process system validation due to ERP upgrade, patch application, data migration activities.

Minimum 8 years experience
Oracle expert
Preferably with Procurement experience