Offer Creation Project Manager

Schneider Electric Bangalore, Karnataka

About the Job

The Project Manager is accountable for ensuring that the project meets the goals for customer satisfaction, quality, TTM, development expenses and product cost.In other words ensure for meeting the profitability target of the project.

- Manage developmwnt of all the project activities from initiation to closures,covering the scope of all the functions
- Develop with team the project management plan and keep it updated during the execuation of the project
- Define and manage the project budget,schedule and resouce allocation
- Organize,lead and motivate the project team
- Challenging the functions to overtake the project objectives
- Lead the decision making process during the project at the right time
- Apply the risk management techniques and define the risk management plan
- Manage the overall project planning,organizae arbitration and in the even of deviation propose the corrective action plan
- Provide the project evaluation and project status to management on regular basis

- Be customer and business focused
- Set the vision with project stakeholders
- Stay focussed on impacts not on issues
- Tailor the project plan in line with project goals,looking for efficiency
- Anticipate project situations and behavious and manage them efficiently
- Build and maitain team motivation

Minimum 10 years experience in PMP/PEP projects management for Low voltage switchgears products