Senior Process Engineer

Schneider Electric Ho Chi Minh City, 65

About the Job

• Driving performance.
o To lead and deploy all manufacturing processes in compliance to LEAN and SPS
o To drive continuous processes improvement and cost reduction program
o Develop, motivate, and challenge people to achieve target
• Implementing SPS system.
o Process Robustness (PFMEA, PCP, Process mapping)
o Value Stream Mapping
o Assembly-Changeover
o Line & Layout Design
o Work Instruction / MI
o LADM: Line Architecture Design Methodology
o Support for Lean Warehouse
o Support for Single Point Scheduling
o MTM: Manufacturing Time Measurement
o Kanban system
o ..Other Lean Concept: WIP control,
• Optimize the overall process and ensure that all metrics are measured for improvement.
o Maintain a disciplined process to ensure processes, procedures, equipments, visual, jig/fixtures, etc. are available to support production activities per the schedule.
Execute ME functions according to the business objectives and policies & procedures. Continuously improve efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness of the functions. Drive down overall cost of manufacturing including cycle rates, head counts, administration expenses, material scrap and poor yields due to manufacturing related defects.

KE (Efficiency)
1. Weekly update OCAP for assign product's family
2. Co-ordinate with other dept. to solve issue.
3. Improve efficiency of the line

SPS (Schneider Production System)
1. Line Architecture Design Methodology, Value Stream Mapping, Process Failure Modes Effects Analysis, Change Over Time, KANBAN, Methods Time Measurement competency

1. Design Manufacturing processes in compliance to LEAN concepts
2. Analysis and improve line's issue
3. Continuous Improvement of Processes with Six Sigma, Lean methodology

1. Implement Kaizen to improve KE, DLP
2. Implement I See I Do
3. Support other team member to implement project
Good attitude to support other departments:
1. Transfer project (PJ)
2. Build SPEC for new equipment or replacement (ME)
3. Come out the solution to fix issue related to MDR, PRR,…(QA)

Education: Graduated from Technical University, or Technology and Education University (Major: Industrial engineering, Industrial system engineering, Electrical and electronic engineering)
Job Related Experience: At least 4 years practical experience in advanced manufacturing field. Minimum 3 years experience on similar position
Business Understanding: Line design, Kaizen activities, Process improvement, Lean concept
Others (e.g. language skills, technical skills):
1. Required skills & knowledge for the position:
Strong Management and Coordination Skill
- Coordination
- Planning
- Leadership
Technical Skill
- Proven track record in driving corrective actions and implementing change
- Excellent communication skills with high potential in Lean, 6 sigma, leadership, process development are required
- Extensive knowledge of Industrial Engineering philosophies and processes
Personal Traits
- Strong communication skill, decisive, organized, good analyst, passionate.
- Unwilling to accept failure
- Team player, good relationship with Regional team and Engineers.

2. Languages:
- Fluent in oral and written English.

3. Other Requirements:
- Entrepreneurial spirit, clearly results oriented, flexible and proactive
- Clear identification with company goals, high initiative and positive thinking
- To ensure that safety trainings for subordinates