Back Office Manager

Schneider Electric İstanbul Samandıra Distribution & Solution Center Office, Marmara Region

About the Job

  • Responsible for customer satisfaction in term of service (OTD - On Time Delivery, BOL - Backorder Line, NOR - Number of Rescheduling, AC2 - 2 nd confirmation Accuracy) with proactive approach
  • To understand the different logistics requirement, priorities and expectations per customer segment
  • Ensure information flow: Lead times, delays availability stock, blockage at SO - Sales Order / Material level, any other request in logistics - ensure and respect SLA
  • Manage customer issue escalation in collaboration with other departments(suppliers/plants) to minimize customer impact
  • Proactively communicate to front offices in case of any foreseen delivery performance issues (Provide visibility about main performance KPIs)
  • Constantly seek for performance and logistics solution improvements to increase customer satisfaction and team efficiency
  • Actively promote customer centricity, empower and coach a customer focused team.
  • Ensure purchase order portfolio management.
  • Track and trace sales forecast realization per Business Unit
  • Manage / monitor the supplier service level (Internal & External Supplier service / OTDL)
  • Manage and update the DC calendar in the system, and ensure the alignment with those of the transport forwarders and suppliers
  • Ensure daily purchase order portfolio issues are reported and resolved by master data.
  • Ensure optimum material replenishment information flow (EDI - electronic data interface, webservices, etc.)
  • Contribute Demand and Supply planning department with regards to transversal topics (new launches, marketing requests etc.)
  • Manage cold loop - Identification & Implementation of improvement actions to reduce issues/ delays, preventing future re-occurrences.
  • Animation of SIM rules and cycles event of the department & site

  1. Experience in logistics operations (procurement, order processing) with knowledge in Front Office processes
  2. Familiar with demand/supply planning functions
  3. Understands / able to contribute warehouse operations
  4. Strong communication abilities
  5. Ambition on sustanible/robust process focus.
  6. ERP (preferable SAP) and any other digital tools (dashboards, BFO, OneMM, Kinaxis etc) competencies
  7. University degree in engineering (preferably industrial eng)