Advance Manufacturing Engineer

Schneider Electric Bangalore, Karnataka

About the Job

Business Understanding:
The Sr.Planner is an executive position and involves the employee to be responsible for the successful launch of New Product in the factory. Developing a schedule for the project as per Program manager's req't. Prepare material shortage reports for new model Review & monitor the stock of finished goods (Old and New) Provide material and labour cost for the new product Scheduling production plan
Handing over the product to steady state planner after initial build.

Others (e.g. language skills, technical skills):
Should be a very good team player. Very strong and fluent in using Microsoft Excel is a critical requirement.Should foresee problems & raise alarm to management in case schedule is getting extended He must have experience on New Product Launch. Should think ahead as any mistake leads to long delay in launching product.

Manufacturing Management
Understands resource allocation requirements relative to customer demand
- Knowledge of product/process/material flow
- Understands safety principles
- Understands SPS
Manufacturing Supply chain
Understands the relationship between lot size, lead time, demand and quality variation in the optimum inventory level
- Evaluates materials replenishment systems for efficiency to satisfy varying levels of customer demand and inventory objectives
- Understands analysis tools such as demand variation amplification, quality filter maps, response matrix and product variety funnel
- Knowledge of late differentiation (postponement), process simulation, modeling and optimizing
Manufacturing Planning
- Applies order management concepts to optimize service, productivity and customer satisfaction levels
- Analyzes and adjusts workload to the appropriate level - in sync with production capabilities/business plans
- Utilizes continuous improvement methodology to analyze and propose solutions to planning process issues.
- Uses scheduling, materials and order processing systems.
Manufacturing Shop floor Mgt
Understands the cost and lead-time impacts of 3rd party logistics, transportation and inventory levels
- Knowledge of Supply Chain Management fundamentals such as (kanban calculations, ABC application/use, Lead-time/lot size analysis, and Safety stock levels, BOM structure, etc)
- Understands Distribution System inventory requirements including Stock Optimization Systems/Order Points model and service level requirements
Manufacturing Diagnostic
Collects data relevant to diagnostic objectives
- Participates in multi observation studies (MOS)
- Identifies current and future state opportunities (identifies improvement levers)
Manufacturing Performance
Calculates and reports KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) /Process Metrics
- Calculates and assesses process capabilities (Cpk, Sigma level, % yield)
- Knowledge of (Yellow Belt level) Six Sigma
Understands what type of transport plan options should be proposed/considered for a particular situation
- Write SOPs to support a transport plan
- Knowledge of transport KPI's and measuring performance
- Knowledge of Schneider Electric products and transportation requirements associated with certain product types

Demand /Supply planning
Possesses advanced knowledge of Schneider Electric products and product pyramid
- Analyzes and rebalances inventory in the distribution centers
- Applies the S&OP process to daily interactions
Warehouse Management
Monitors and directs daily warehouse activities
- Participates in improvement opportunities to enhance key logistics business measures
- Trains and develops others in general warehouse functions
- Understands KPIs and their relationship to daily warehouse activities
Material Management
Understands activities such as receiving, shipping, production output, order requirement and business plan
- Coordinates functions of production, supply chain and inventory control levels
- Evaluates problems with inventory, delivery and/or sales orders
- Understands ERP systems and develops reports and processes for material management analysis
Logistics Flow
Knowledge of data available for analysis in support of flow design
- Understands Schneider Electric logistics and supply chain strategies
- Knowledge of performance monitoring, applicable KPI's and establishing corrective action for sub-standard performance
- Knowledge of inventory impacts when designing logistical flows
Safety Roles and Responsibilities

The set EOHS procedures and protocols are effectively implemented and documented
Accident reporting and corrective actions are ensured
Carry out Regular EOHS audits
Hazards are identified and proper mitigation actions are initiated.


BE/ Diploma/ Electronics / Mechanical /Production Engineering

Job Related Experience:
4-6 YRS