LV Logistics

Schneider Electric Vadodara, Gujarat

About the Job


Summarise the purpose of this position to assess its expected contribution to the results of the organisation

This will include his key responsibilities:

1. Planning of dispatch activities for invoicing and logistics

2. Submission of dispatch documents to customer and co-ordinate with plant team, FO and customer s

3. Sales order booking, logistics and transport management


The purpose of this part is to provide some figures allowing to estimate the scope and scale of the job

1. Annual turnover or/and budget responsibility : Approx. 2200 MINR for LV Panels & Busways

2. Number of employees under his responsibility : @ 4 Contract employees

of which number of managers : N IL

3. Decision making authority :
(Specify major decisions that this position will make:

Logistics and transport arrangement, invoicing

Keep special focus for service level and minimize LD impact

Required skills & knowledge for the position: Good commercial knowledge. Exposure to Logistics function. Excellent Communication skills.

2. Required Educational Background & Professional Experience: Degree in Commerce, Diploma in Logistics

3. Required behaviors to be successful on the job: Should be able to work under constant pressure of deadlines and Changing needs.

4. Should have Logistics experience of 2-5 yrs.

5. SAP knowledge and experience is must