Analytics Leadership Development Program Associate

Ameriprise Financial Minneapolis, MN

About the Job

Job Description

The Ameriprise Financial Analytical Leadership Development Program ("ALDP") offers the opportunity to contribute to the success of the company by performing diverse analytical responsibilities. The program provides recent graduates with a broad background in Finance, General Science or Computer Science three different eight month rotations in data intensive areas within Finance (i.e., Asset Management LFO, Corporate Finance, CMS, Data Governance).


Responsibilities may vary based on each assignment.
- Identify and document data usage and flow (couple it with data governance)
- Identify bottlenecks in an analytical process and propose a solution (including environment)
- Identify the type of analytical model in the solution, its mathematical formulation, and if appropriate alternate formulations
- Implement solutions in a development environment
- Present pros/cons of new implementations
- Document and test

Required Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree in Finance, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, General Science, Computer Sciences
Excellent academic performance; a minimum of a 3.3 GPA.
Commitment to complete the full 24-month leadership development program.
Previous Internship experience.
Up to 2 years work experience.

Preferred Qualifications