Maintenance Technician

Thermo Fisher Scientific Suzhou, Jiangsu

About the Job

Essential Job Functions and Accountabilities:

  • Ensure equipment interlock unit is workable and operator work on safety environment. Fix it when abnormal or report it if can’t fix it. 确保设备的安全装置工作正常,确保员工在安全的环境下工作。 如果有异常要负责维修,如不能维修要及时汇报。
  • Follow equipment maintenance spec. to perform maintenance task and record. 按设备维护计划书的要求执行设备保养任务并记录。
  • Responsible for Set up and trouble shooting.负责公司范围内生产开始的换模,调试,首件检查或者维修保养。
  • Use TPM culture for daily job. TPM的文化做事。
  • To optimize process/equipment with right procedure for continue improvement.走正确的流程,在受控的情况下,优化工作内容以及改进工艺或设备提高效率。
  • Improve yield rate, reduce unplanned equipment downtime.提高良品率,减少非计划停机时间。

Other Job Requirements:

Educational Qualifications:
  • 大专或以上学历

Experience Qualifications:
  • With 3 years above equipment maintenance background, refrigeratory industry experience is ideal. 需要有3年以上设备维护维修经验,最好冰箱或者空调行业的优先具有较强的质量和安全意识;
  • TPM experience is ideal. TPM经验的优先。
  • Mechanical background or electronic background, familiar electrical appliance is ideal. 机械或电子相关背景,熟悉电器知识的优先。
  • Strong hand-on work ability and problem solving skills, continuously improve the equipment; 很强的现场问题分析和解决技能的能力,持续改善设备。
  • Have sense of urgency to handle abnormal case when run production. 能紧急妥善处理生产过程中发生的异常。
  • Able to run shift, ability to work under pressure to support production includes OT& on call and others. 能胜任有一定压力的倒班工作,包括可能没有预测的加班以及其他安排。
  • Team work with production teamengineering team and QA team to make a success.和生产相关其他部门有团队合作的精神,确保生产任务的成功。
  • Quality and Safety awareness. 有较强的质量和安全意识。
  • Disciplinegood work attitude. 遵守公司纪律的规定,良好的工作态度。