Trauma Call Coordinator in Baton Rouge, LA

AMR Baton Rouge, LA

About the Job

Job Title: Trauma Call Coordinator


Report to the LERN Communication Center (LCC) Supervisor.

Available to work 12 hour shifts as needed.

Have 24 hour call availability in the case of disasters and be on site in the LERN Call Center for the duration of the event with backup coverage as necessary provided by the Contractor.

Have in depth knowledge of EMS protocols, LERN Entry Criteria and available medical resources.

Have functional knowledge of radio, telephone, IP and other necessary forms of communications equipment necessary for the purpose of the LERN Call Center.

Have knowledge of performance indicators and quality review indicators pertinent to LERN operations.

Follow all rules, regulations, and policies as established by the LERN and the LERN Call Center Medical Director.

Be knowledgeable of and follow all LERN Call Center Standard Operating Procedures.

 Protect Patient Confidentiality and adhere to all applicable medical, patient and EMS rules.

Perform housekeeping responsibilities to keep the LERN Call Center clean and functional.

Perform other duties as assigned by the LERN Call Center Medical Director and LERN Call Center Supervisor.



Duties include but not limited to:

  • Answering incoming calls from pre-hospital providers and /or statewide emergency departments with regard to movement of LERN identified patients
  • Direct patient movement by LERN Entry Trauma Criteria using protocol and experience in PHTLS patient care
  • Direct patient transfers to appropriate definitive care facilities
  • Collect patient data from receiving hospitals including disposition of patient diagnosis, admission status, visit identification numbers
  • Collect call data from transporting EMS agencies including call run times, case numbers, and additional information as necessary
  • Receive notifications of Mass Causality Incidents(MCI) statewide
  • Notification of state officials, state agencies, hospitals, and LERN administration in MCI events
  • MCI management including direction of patients, management of hospital resources, and continuing notification to affected areas throughout event
  • Facilitate communication between EMS, hospitals, state officials, ESF-8, and other agencies as necessary
  • Fully understand and apply LERN Protocol when routing patients
  • Data entry of LERN patients in Image Trend Database
  • Attend monthly staff meetings
  • Attend ongoing LERN training
  • Know geographic regions of state and location of hospitals by memory
  • Understand and implement LERN protocols
  • Initiates Case Review Process for all LERN patient inquiries including call data research, recording review, and procedure/protocol evaluation
  • Understand and follow all LERN and AMR company policies
  • Complete audits of LCC calls for quality control of call duration, courtesy/professionalism, correct application of procedure/protocol for patient direction
  • Operate phone console equipment in communication with EMS and hospitals
  • Operate radio console equipment in communication with EMS and hospitals
  • Care for and troubleshoot LCC equipment
  • Available to work day, night, weekend, and holidays as needed
  • Available to work during MCI or natural disaster as needed
  • Maintain necessary certifications
  • Work with LERN staff and Medical Director when necessary
  • Other duties as assigned



  • Current Nationally Registered EMT-P license in good standing.
  • Current Louisiana state license
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience at EMT-P level
  • Strong communications skills
  • Ability to type
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Computer proficient in Word, Excel, and Windows
  • Geographic knowledge of regions and hospitals throughout state of Louisiana
  • Good decision making skills
  • Work well in stressful situations


Global Medical Response and its family of companies including American Medical Response is an Equal Opportunity Employer including Veterans and Disabled